prelim nominating committee report

By | December 4, 2018

Hello All,

I have asked for and received a preliminary nominating committee report and this is the response I received.  This report is not a final report.  Other members may approach the committee seeking a nomination.  In addition, nominations will be received from the membership at the annual/general meeting on the second Monday of December, 2018

Please plan on attending the annual/general meeting and contribute your ideas.

Brent – Here’s what Brad and I have for 2019 so far:


President                     Brent Hottle         WD7WIO

Vice President                Matt Dillon          W7ARD

Secretary                     Randy Huntoon        KE7CRA

Treasurer:                    Ron Vincent          W7JR

Public Service Coordinator    Christopher Conrad   WY7Z

Member-at-Large               Chris Cahill         K7CMC

Member at Large, appointed    Andrew Wilson        KD7QPC


Basically it’s the same as the 2018 officers with Christopher and Andrew swapping roles.


Here’s what Andrew said about the member at large role:  “I would be glad to fill a member at large position, provided I am not depriving anyone else of the opportunity.”


Here’s What Christopher had to say about the PSC position:  “The discussion last year was that I would take over from Andrew as Public Service Coordinator after helping him for the year.  One of the things Andrew and I talked about is me needing a named assistant.  This position has a significate time investment, having a named assistant will be essential to my success this year.”


I told him he should discuss the assistant role(s) with you as that would be an appointed role rather than an elected position.




Brad Dunlap N7BED