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Daily Check-in on 146.68 @ 0800

Several LCSARO members will be monitoring our Prairie Mountain repeater (146.68-T100) at 0800 every morning for a general chat. This check-in is currently non-controlled.

April meeting on the 8th!

The meeting for April will be on Monday the 8th at 1900 at the courthouse.  If you are not a member and desire to attend send me an email. Brent

No snow!!!!!

I guess I didn’t post a weekend post, but there is not snow so we are meeting!

Well, February meeting depends on the snow!

The normal meeting is on the second Monday of the month at the courthouse at 1900.   Well, it may snow.  There is no reason to risk life and limb to go to a meeting. I will post another announcement this weekend. Thanks, Brent

March 2019 meeting – update

Just a quick update 3/12/19:  We are on for this activity. The March meeting will be a tour of Lane Fire Authority facilities.  1400-1700. on sunday march 17.  We will meeting at the county shops at 1345.  Hopefully a van or two will be available for us to barrow.  Otherwise will carpool. If you desire to attend and are not… Read More »

January meeting

Will be at the courthouse at 1900 on Monday the 14th.   If you are not a member and desire to attend please email me.   Brent

prelim nominating committee report

Hello All, I have asked for and received a preliminary nominating committee report and this is the response I received.  This report is not a final report.  Other members may approach the committee seeking a nomination.  In addition, nominations will be received from the membership at the annual/general meeting on the second Monday of December, 2018 Please plan… Read More »