LCSARO membership is comprised of FCC licensed amateur radio operators, who voluntarily provide alternative communications support before, during and after major emergencies or disaster.  During non-emergency times LCSARO helps support various SAR activities including Project lifesaver, ELT searches and supporting communication infrastructure.

If you would like to become a volunteer member of the Lane County Sheriff’s Amateur Radio Operators you must:

  • Possess a current FCC Amateur Radio license
  • Demonstrate an interest and proficiency in emergency communications with technical and organizational skills
  • Participate in training activities to enhance your knowledge and skills as an Emergency Communications Volunteer
  • Be willing to serve when called

To maintain our high level of integrity, all Sheriff Department volunteers are given a general background check and finger printed prior to being accepted into the volunteer program.

LCSARO requires completion of the following training before your application will be processed.

  • Intro to Incident Command System (IS-100)
  • ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (IS-200)
  • Introduction to National Incident Management System (IS-700)

You can obtain an volunteer application at the Lane County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) website if you are interested in becoming a member of LCSARO, and attend a meeting for more information.  Turn in completed applications to a board member.

Links to course and additional information: