Repeater Project

Repeater IllistrationIn the fall of 2007 LCSARO applied for and received a Title III grant to upgrade the existing repeater infrastructure in Lane County, OR. Over the summer and fall of 2008, the 10 repeaters that support emergency communications in the county were replaced with new standardized equipment purchased under the grant. LCSARO maintains a memorandum of understanding between the repeater owners/operators, provides support, and maintains insurance covering the equipment. In addition to the 10 repeaters upgraded, LCSARO built a portable setup that can be deployed to areas of marginal coverage or that can be used to replace one of the 10 in the event of a failure.

Repeaters Included in the Project:

LCSARO Portable W7EUG 145.25
Mt. Hagen W7EXH 145.11
Walker Point W7EXH 145.31
Indian Ridge W7EUG 145.37
Harness Mtn. W7ZQD 146.66
Prairie Peak W7EUG 146.68
Prairie Peak W7PXL 146.72
Bear Mtn. W7EXH 146.76
Herman Peak W7FLO 146.80
Coburg Ridge W7CQZ 147.08

A copy of the Lane County ARES frequency chart can be downloaded at